Personalized Name Puzzles – Longer Name & Surname



Size: 440cm X 150cm X 6cm

To avoid a curved name setup for a child’s name
exceeding x7 letters, we have included these larger
name & surname options. You can select a theme
to go with this option. Each name is set-up
independently depending on the names provided.
It can not be guaranteed that a board can fit more
than 2-4 characters; however we try to maximize
this addition as much as possible.

Yes we can make up a child’s names with the:
ê ë è é, as well as al the others letters including
ï ä ô ö û ù, please ensure you communicate
these spelling requests with us upfront.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 440 × 150 × 6 cm
Mood to Design Colour

Boy Names – Blues and Green, Girl Names – Pastel tones of pinks, purple and green

Mood to Design Themes

Theme: Bugs, Theme: Bunnies& Bears, Theme: Dinosaurs, Theme: Fairies, Theme: Farm Animals, Theme: Flowers, Theme: Forest & Mono Mix, Theme: Forest Animals, Theme: Llama's, Theme: Magical, Theme: Marine Life, Theme: Mermaids, Theme: New Wild Animals, Theme: Pirate Animals, Theme: Reptiles, Theme: Sea Creatures, Theme: Superhero's, Theme: Transport, Theme: Tribal mono-tone, Theme: Tropical, Theme: Wild Animals


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